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Easily optimize each unique user's entire journey across all channels including web, mobile, mobile web, OTT, and in-store.

Apptimize is the only truly cross-platform A/B testing solution that allows you to test a change on any platform and track the impact of that change across all channels, even actual revenue recorded by your servers.

Have complete control of feature releases, regardless of which platform you are releasing to. With feature flags, your product team can manage and ramp up mobile, server-side, OTT, and web changes. It enables your teams to mitigate risk and launch new functionality with confidence.

With us, you can run cross-platform experiments all under one dashboard. Make sure you're getting the most out of maintaining multiple platforms: see how behavior on web affects mobile and how server-side changes affect the rest of the mobile experience. Most importantly, understand how these insights can impact your KPIs.

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The only truly cross- platform in tracking users from web to mobile and vice versa

Some of the top apps use Apptimize to test, launch, iterate and grow